A Canada Day for the ages

Canada Day Ottawa 030On this “no plan” trip we did have one plan, one date that we had to keep, to be in our Nation’s capital on Canada Day. It seemed right to spend the day surrounded by the parliament buildings that symbolize the freedom and absolute good luck we all have to live in the best country on earth.

It was a good decision.The torrential downpours were offset by smiling faces, weird Canadiana costumes, a melange of colours, creeds and a patriotic pup. Oh yeah, and the prime minister showed up.

Soldiers patrolled the building tops with high-powered binoculars, RCMP strolled through the crowd, polite and joking while they searched bags to enter the parliament grounds. At Ottawa’s first big public event since the murder of a soldier and attack on parliament it felt safe on the streets with tens of thousands of our fellow citizens and visitors from around the world.

Score one for democracy.

And when we walked past the tomb of the unknown soldier, where the murder took place, and the steps covered in little paper flags that people spontaneously placed, we felt proud and glad to wear that Maple Leaf.

Canada Day Ottawa 087

Sacrifice and duty remembered on Canada Day

3 hats

They told us the Stampede would have horses!

All colours group

Some wore pants, some wore short pants, some wore short shorts

Beautiful African lady

Enthralled by the beautiful Nubian princess, John forgets what he was going to say

Cape & Hat guy

Even my shoes have Maple Leafs on them

Caped crusader

Hey Mr. Harper, nice costume!

Condom head

Rejected by his own kind, Condom head man leaves the party

Marie Antoinette

Patriotic Marie Antoinette waves to the crowd

drenched Marie

Drenched Marie Antoinette comes out of the rain shouting “Let them drink beer!”

Phone boy & parents

Son, Google “Canada Day” selfies

Proud to be

Betty’s plans to use her festive Maple Leaf hat at Halloween again for her rooster costume

Red & White

Parliament decreed that all flowers will be red or white on Canada Day, tough luck for the local dandelions

Wages of sin on Canada Day

Former street performer “Don the fire eater” turns to fire and brimstone in his latest gig

Happy family

The Dames does a cameo with happy families  in the sea of red and white

White jack in the box

Jack on the box didn’t get the memo about the colour scheme

Canada Day Ottawa 002

The torrential downpour didn’t faze anyone

Canada Day Ottawa 008

The guy selling umbrellas did a brisk business

Canada Day Ottawa 018

Beaver fro’s firmly in place, the march begins

Canada Day Ottawa 026

Stephen Harper and family make an appearance before the plebes

Mr. Harper I presume

Harper orders the general to have all non-Conservatives removed from the grounds

Canada Day Ottawa 034

Bobby, pale from playing video games all day, emerges to celebrate Canada Day

Canada Day Ottawa 037

A cape worn proudly

Canada Day Ottawa 044

Father and son wear their patriotism

Canada Day Ottawa 045

Take another one, my eyes were closed

Canada Day Ottawa 046

Harold hopes the temporary hair colour will wash out

Canada Day Ottawa 070

The skies open up and the doors to the pub do as well

Canada Day Ottawa 088

Happy Hare Krishna Canada

Canada Day Ottawa 091

Street performers around every corner

Caped man again

The world saved once again, Captain Canada heads for home

Canada Day Ottawa 114

Oh Canada!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Rain capes

Off and on rain meant garbage bags decorated with Maple Leafs were in high demand

Canada Day Ottawa 116

The Parliament hill stage was rocking all day

Canada Day Ottawa 120

A cocky Mimi struts her stuff up to Parliament Hill

7 thoughts on “A Canada Day for the ages

  1. Great pictures! Wonderful to see love of Canada so vividly displayed. Liked your red tee shirt, white pants ensemble Tracy. You blended in very well.


    • Thanks Ms. Elizabeth. It was a bright colourful day despite the rain. As to the picture with me in it. The Dude took creative license with editing my comment as I was the one taking pictures!!!


      • So, I’ve learned I must always zoom a picture. Clearly that is not you. But it looked liked you in the thumbnail. Points to Mick (and they really don’t count) for tricking this old broad.


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