Was the election a snow job?

I’m sure my youngest brother Wee Willie will say the snow today is retribution by the heavens for electing an NDP government in Alberta. I think it’s actually a test. A test to see how we react to crisis, a crisis of no heat and a snow storm outside our house on wheels. We did what anyone would do, use our lifeline, call an expert. Thanks Ken, who knew that you have to click on the “gas heat” button on the thermostat and that the electric heat was actually linked to the air conditioning. Now if I had only packed my boots.

The calm before the storm

The calm before the storm

Lunch on the picnic table anyone?

Lunch on the picnic table anyone?

2 thoughts on “Was the election a snow job?

  1. The Grizwalds are officially on tour and have hit the pavement sliding in the slush. Yikes, glad you didn’t still have “granny” tied to the top of your house on wheels. Poor soul would have frozen solid. Nothing like starting out with a “surprise” from Mother Nature. Bless her nasty little heart – it was a test that I am assuming you conquered with professional help and a glass or two of wine!
    Cheers to all three of you………


    • All is well again, snow almost gone and a golf game scheduled for tomorrow. Such is the fickle heart of Alberta’s Mother Nature, a time-out in the corner one day and a warm hug and cup of cocoa the next. Cheers to you.


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