All The President’s Mess

trump jail

I lost interest in commenting on American politics about midway through the Mango Megalomaniac’s chaotic first hundred days in office.

Keeping up with the daily deluge of inanities, obfuscations and shameless lies spewing like poisonous gas from the capital of the world’s oldest democracy did not seem a good use of time that could otherwise be devoted to gardening, golf and observing the birds at my backyard feeder.

Who needs the elevated blood pressure and headaches that go with an evening of couch fuming while Trump’s sycophants publicly demean themselves in the service of a self-absorbed, pathological liar, a shallow, philandering, ignoramus who brags about grabbing pussy.

It is blatantly obvious that the man they  laud for valuing loyalty would throw any and all of them under the bus and then hunch over the steering wheel and happily drive back and forth over their bloodied corpses if their opinions should ever conflict with his own.

For a former altar boy, watching the good Catholic Paul Ryan grovel at the feet of someone who is anathema to everything his faith professes is to relive the disillusionment of watching Sunday morning hypocrites take the sacred sacrament in known states of mortal sin.

Paul, your sins aren’t forgiven in the confessional if you have no intention of correcting the behaviour when you leave that small, dark, solemn box. Say 10 Hail Marys, button up your big boy cassock and start living the tenets of your faith.

With more than 1,000 days yet to unfold in an administration that tops itself daily with displays of incompetence that have turned the U.S. into the butt of the world’s most dangerous joke, I suffered from a case of early onset Trump Fatigue.

Having repeatedly chastised Trump voters for putting the world in jeopardy by electing a bloviating orange blowhard to the country’s highest office, I watched from the safety of psychological distance as the old, white, Washington swamp creatures slithered in celebration after taking away health coverage from the country’s most vulnerable citizens so the moneyed class can pay less tax.

I wanted to Tweet in all caps so Trump voters would understand: BOTTOM LINE BILLIONAIRES DO NOT HAVE YOUR BEST INTERESTS AT HEART. THESE ARE BAD (SICK) PEOPLE.

I refrained from commenting when Trump experienced an epiphany of biblical political proportions, supposedly after seeing televised images of Syrian kids suffering in the aftermath of a gas attack.

I resisted an urge to state the obvious: Trump, who is self-evidently a world class narcissist and incapable of feeling empathy, used dead children to justify a missile attack that would momentarily deflect attention from the debacle that his presidency has become.

Where was his empathy when rescuers were pulling the bodies of kids from the rubble that remained of Aleppo after his buddy Vladimir Putin sent the Russian bombers to do their murderous work?

He needed a win, and in his demented world of alternative facts, firing missiles at a country that had no missiles to fire back would energize his heavily armed mouth-breathing base. I wanted to put the question to those gun-toting Americans who pride themselves as defenders of freedom: Why is it that the U.S. only utilizes its vaunted military and technological superiority against countries that can’t fight back in kind—Viet Nam, Grenada, Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya?

North Korea, which fought the U.S. to a standstill more than six decades ago, has been starving its own people for years; Pakistan harbored Osama Bin Laden and provides sanctuary for terrorists; China could gas everyone in Tibet and not a single U.S. missile would fly.

Message to Trump: A kid is just as dead if his head is crushed by a chunk of concrete.

Oh yeah, the Russians (who were warned to get out of the way of the Syrian missile strike) can shoot back. Not to mention the golden shower video and reams of documentation Putin is holding onto for just the right moment. Pakistan has nukes.

Let’s face it Trump voters, the U.S. is the equivalent of the classic school yard bully, a country that picked its spots during two world wars and continues to beat up on military weaklings while avoiding the real tough guys.

You have put your country in the hands of an ignorant bully, an authoritarian con man who will do anything to avoid accountability, including firing the director of the FBI while that agency is ramping up an investigation into malfeasance which strikes at the core of your democracy.

The word unprecedented has become a cliché since the Mango Megalomaniac took control.

The list of firsts includes dropping the largest bomb ever to be exploded on the planet. It is the only time in your history that a president has fired an FBI director who is investigating people close to the Presidency.

Can the world’s first strategic nuclear strike be far behind?

The list grows longer and the world more dangerous as you sit back smugly on your oversized arses watching sports and reality TV as the systems and institutions you so revere are being dismantled, never missing an opportunity to tell the rest of us that you are the greatest country in the world and that God is on your side.

You listen with docility as your President bullies and denigrates longtime allies under the guise of putting American interests first. News flash: Anyone with even rudimentary knowledge of history knows Americans have always put their own interests first.

You allow your elected representatives to roll out flimsy excuses for inexcusable behaviour as they pay homage to a sick leader while stripping your family of health care. Your hallowed democracy teeters on the brink, while partisan politicians put party loyalty ahead of country.

You have been duped and like most victims of a con are too embarrassed to admit the truth. The only question that remains is how many of your precious freedoms are you willing to give up before you stand up for yourselves and  start chanting in one powerful voice–Lock him up.

It’s time to make America great (again?).


The Liars Club


Not a month in and it’s crystal clear to all but Donald Trump’s most ardent supporters that the man Americans entrusted with the most powerful job on the planet is delusional.

Trump lives in a world of alternative facts. He sees multitudes of illegal voters that nobody else sees. He lies so much his surrogates have taken to referring to the utterances of the 70-year-old billionaire business tycoon as if he’s a misunderstood teenager. They berate the press for misinterpreting tweets and justify his daily gaffs with circuitous deflections and pivots that leave listeners wondering if they have stepped through the looking glass.

Here’s a sampling of first month falsehoods that can be proved wrong by a simple Google search..

  • His inaugural crowd was the biggest ever. Period. False
  • Three to five million people voted for Hillary Clinton illegally depriving him of the popular vote. False
  • The bizarre claim that he’s been on the cover of Time more than anyone. False.
  • The media is involved in a conspiracy not to cover terrorism. False.
  • The media created a feud between Trump and the U.S. intelligence community. False.
  • The murder rate in the U.S. is the highest in 45 years. False.
  • His travel ban went smoothly, inconveniencing only 109 people. False.
  • The raid in Yemen, which resulted in the deaths of civilians, including women and children, and an American soldier, and the loss of a $70 million airplane, a mission which failed to capture its principle target, was a success. False.
  • All polls that are unfavorable to the Trump administration are Fake News. False.
  • Americans don’t ‘care at all’ about his tax returns. False.
  • Mexico will pay for the wall. False.

What’s most troubling about this small sampling is Trump’s preoccupation with and willingness to lie about petty things like the inauguration and the number of appearances on the cover of Time. Classic symptoms of his mental disorder. Acute narcissism.

As I said in a previous blog, I am no longer making fun of Donald Trump’s swooping dcomb-over, mango-tinted face and gilt-edged taste in furniture in deference to his mental disorder.

That said, his precarious grasp on reality puts not only America but the entire world in jeopardy and he must be held to account.

Listening to Trump sycophants on CNN deflect, pivot, spin, whirl and disassemble in rambling off-topic answers to specific questions is infuriating to viewers with an interest in facts. Here’s a suggestion for Jake Tapper’s next interview with Propaganda Minister Kellyanne Conway. Conduct the interview as if you were performing a lie detector test, in which the examiner pointedly does not allow the subject to ramble on. Pose the above list and insist on a simple yes or no answer to the truthfulness of Trump’s statements, with the provision Conway can only prevaricate when the test is complete. If she refuses to be interviewed under this stipulation take away her platform.

Watching Donald Trump parade his ignorance and incompetence with complete disregard for how his behaviour is perceived by sane people should elicit sympathy for a sick mind. His first month in office would be a sad joke if the consequences weren’t so deadly serious.

Take his latest assertion that Americans don’t understand the ‘tremendous threat’ posed by terrorism, in part because the media has an agenda to keep the populace uninformed. ‘You know why,’ he told his bewildered audience mysteriously. He alludes to the grave danger he recently learned about from the same intelligence community he likened to the Nazi regime when it came to investigations into his campaign’s links to Russia.

Trump might as well be the propaganda minister for ISIS in that he is helping them accomplish their main goal, which is to create undue fear in their enemies.

Think about it. In Trump’s alternative world Americans are living in great peril of imminent death at the hands of bad dudes and hombres who travel to the States with evil intent. The reversal of his travel ban by a ‘so-called judge’ leaves the country vulnerable to murder and mayhem and if anything happens it will be the fault of the judiciary.

The facts say otherwise. Refugees and immigrants already go through extreme vetting and Americans are more likely to be struck by lightening than to die at the hands of a foreign-born terrorist.

The strategy behind terrorism is to instill fear and demoralize an enemy you can’t defeat militarily by hitting soft targets. The terrorist, by definition, seeks to magnify the risk by the prominence and randomness of the attacks. Trump is doing everything he can to further that purpose by ratcheting up the threat factor. ISIS leaders must be peppering the sky with bullets in celebration of their new-found propagandist.

Yesterday, in a showy meeting with law enforcement officers at the White House, Trump went back to a familiar refrain. He cited a spike in the murder rate in a few American cities and then falsely inflated it to the worst killing spree in 45 years. He insinuated that it’s unsafe to walk American streets. I recently spent five months driving throughout the U.S., traveling to major cities like Washington, New Orleans, Memphis and Phoenix and not once sensed danger.

Donald Trump’s malignant mind operates in a maelstrom of fear. Lurking in every corner of his alternative world are nefarious  people out to get him or to put one over on him. The list is varied and growing longer by the day. It includes the media, the intelligence community, the fired acting U.S. attorney general, ‘weak’ Republican senators and congressmen, all Democrats, the Chancellor of Germany, the Chinese, the Mexicans, the Muslims, the Prime Minster of Australia, federal judges, Hollywood  liberals, the National Parks Service, Saturday Night Live, Nordstrom’s.

The one notable not on the list is Vladimir Putin, the dictator who murders dissenters and muzzles the press while robbing his country blind. He shrugs off Putin’s transgressions as if they were misdemeanour parking violations, oblivious to the optics of comparing U.S. wrongdoings to the thug’s foul deeds, even as an investigation is underway to determine if Putin is blackmailing him.

Your narcissist President is fear-mongering to promote himself as the only person who can save the country. The truth is that the biggest danger facing America is the rot from within that propelled a madman into its highest office. Americans have long been self-delusional when it comes to their place in the world as evidenced by the millions who worship a man who tells them he will put America First.

Americans yearn for recognition of their rightful place at the top of the world hierarchy, a spot they feel entitled to by no less than the blessing of God. In their collective myopia, they fail to see what the rest of the world has always known. Throughout a sullied 240-year history during which the country sat out the first years of two World Wars while its allies took the beatings, a history that encapsulates slavery, genocide, civil war, exploitation of impoverished nations, plundering of world resources, assassinations, military adventures that have left millions homeless or dead, America has always put itself first.












Ladies and gentleman of the U.S. you have put a mentally ill man into a position of power over the world’s most lethal military. You have placed the rest of us in grave danger.

The man you chose out of a population of 300-odd million to lead you through these most dangerous of times is exhibiting classic signs of mental breakdown, perhaps being brought on by the reality of the Presidency that cannot be so easily molded by denials, obfuscations and outright lies.

That said, I can no longer make fun of Donald Trump in print by calling him a Mango Megalomaniac, as that would be making fun of the mentally challenged. I will now refer to him by name, but not title, and officially join the conspiracy to delegitimatize his Presidency.

Donald Trump is a narcissist by the classic definition of the illness. Google the Merriam Webster Medical Definition of Narcissism: a personality disorder characterized by an exaggerated sense of self-importance, persistent need for attention, lack of empathy for others. Excessive pride in achievements, and snobbish, disdainful or patronizing attitudes.

Never mind taking Donald Trump’s picture and pasting it beside this definition, these words are his political eulogy. And that is not good for any of us.

During his bizarre stop at CIA headquarters on the day of the record protests, his first official day in office, he appeared a mentally ill man under tremendous stress.

Think about it. There are at least three ongoing investigations with Russian connections. Some ‘400-pound’ computer genius sitting on a bed in a basement somewhere in the vast cyber world is trying to hack into his tax returns or his text messages or post a salacious video that could go viral.

A lot of smart people, motivated by professionalism, patriotism, party politics or revenge, are digging deep into the dirt of his life, including all his ‘alternative’ versions of it.

They are looking for factual facts.

Before taking office he began a public feud with the American intelligence community, going on international television and likening intelligence officials to Nazis in an attempt to delegitimatize future findings and the intelligence community’s credibility going forward.

He then chose to make the CIA his first stop as President. He stood before the cameras, enveloped in the narcissist’s world of ‘alternative facts’, in front of the hallowed wall of fallen American heroes and the people he has so recently denigrated, and claimed there is no better friend of the intelligence community than himself, before launching into a bizarre and disjointed ramble against the media, spouting conspiracy theories about the size of his inauguration crowd.

Are you worried yet people?

A man whose organization and associates are under investigation, not to mention the run of the mill national and world problems that a new President must deal with, is focused on the pettiest of issues, one that equates in the mind of a short-fingered narcissist to saying the first black President is better endowed.

Unable to let the crowd size issue go, he stewed and obsessed, finally sacrificing the credibility of his press secretary by sending him out for his first briefing to read a written list of ‘alternative facts’ that made him appear not only a narcissist’s lackey but a laughing stock.

Unprecedented has become a media cliché. If Donald Trump can unravel over an issue that basically boils down to ‘mine is bigger than yours,’ what unprecedented international actions will he take with Putin pulling his strings and pushing his buttons.

The lack of awareness in a man who made his political bones questioning the legitimacy of Barrack Obama, and is now whingeing and whining about a conspiracy to undermine his own Presidency, shows how far into the world of narcissism he has gone.

Fake intelligence. Fake news. Fake sexual assault claims.

The narcissistic mind whirls within a windstorm of ‘alternative facts’.

Americans? Do you understand what you have done? You ignored all the symptoms and put the planet in jeopardy and now it is up to you to get it undone.

Fortunately, you get a do-over.

As powerful as the office is, there are safeguards through which a mentally ill President can be thwarted. A narcissist cannot operate without the cooperation of Capital Hill. You must put enormous pressure on both parties to put patriotism ahead of politics. You must demand that your representatives in the Senate and House of Congress recognize the dangers associated with this disorder. You must ensure the investigations move forward without interference. Make him release his taxes. Refute his propaganda minister’s ‘alternative facts.’ Make your President live in the real world.

You must be vigilant for your democracy before Donald Trump starts dressing up in a gold-braided hat and military suits with flashy gold epilates and a chest full of medals.





From Russia with love

This whole Russian thing is starting to get creepy and the Mango Megalomaniac isn’t even in office yet. The transition of power has turned into a way over the top B-movie plot.

Here are the facts.

  • U.S. intelligence has confirmed the Russians preferred the Evil Orange Clown over Hillary Clinton for U.S. President and actively worked to discredit Clinton, thereby helping Trump get elected.
  • The Trump campaign team is under investigation by the FBI for possible contact with the Russians during the election campaign.
  • The FBI and other U.S. intelligence agencies are looking into a report compiled by a highly respected former British intelligence agent that the Russians have compromising information on Trump’s personal life and finances.
  • Trump claims to have no financial interests in Russia but refuses to release the tax returns which would clarify his Russian dealings, or lack thereof. He says he has nothing to hide but defies presidential tradition and hides them anyway. Hmm.
  • Trump’s choice for National Security Advisor, Michael Flynn, a man who has dined with Vladimir Putin and worked for the state-owned Russian television network, was in contact with senior Russians the day President Obama gave 35 Russian diplomatic officials 72 hours to get out of the country, a possible contravention of the Logan Act.
  • Trump’s pick for Secretary of Defense is a recipient of Russia’s Order of Friendship Medal.
  • The outgoing director of the CIA has gone on record to say Trump’s denigration of U.S. intelligence is irresponsible and dangerous.
  • For the first time in history a Russian leader has issued a statement defending a U.S. politician.

With all this going on a reasonable person might think the incoming President would want to distance himself from Russia and its murderous dictator. Not so much.

Trump continues to question U.S. intelligence, preferring the word of Putin over his own operatives. Even with Russian interference in the election confirmed, an action which members of both parties are calling ‘an act of war’, he is floating the possibility of lifting sanctions against Russia even as members of his own party advocate for more severe measures.

Are you detecting a fishy smell, yet? Maybe a discolored blow fish rotting on the beach.

Trump and his team appear to be aligning themselves with the enemy while reverting to the age-old tactics of cheaters the world over—shoot the messengers and deny, deny, deny.

Here’s a sampling of the Trump team’s rebuttal over the preceding months, which is in keeping with the grade school style of their leader.

  • The DNC hacker might have been a 400-pound man living in his parents’ basement. Or maybe it was the Chinese or North Korea. It could have been a Nigerian scammer with a grudge against the Clinton Foundation or a computer genius in a yurt in far-off Mongolia. Fact: the Russians did it.
  • The report on Russia having compromising information is the work of Trump’s enemies and has been proven false. Fact: While it’s true the report was commissioned by Trump’s Republican adversaries during the primaries before the file was taken over by Democrats, the allegations are under investigation and none of the findings have been verified or proven false. The operative who compiled the dossier is in hiding in fear of his life.
  • Trump’s team denied that National Security Advisor Flynn was in contact with the Russians until they realized U.S. intelligence had irrefutable evidence to the contrary, including text messages. Fact: Back pedaling furiously, the Trump team admitted Flynn talked to the Russians by phone on the day Obama announced the diplomats’ ousting but, beggaring credibility, insisted they did not discuss the biggest news story of the day. They probably have a bridge to sell you.

Trump acolytes, headed by propaganda minister Kellyanne Conway, maintain there is a widespread campaign orchestrated by sore losers to delegitimatize his presidency. The conspiracy includes an unlikely alliance comprising the CIA, the FBI, the NSA, Hollywood movie people, the media, writers, musicians and all Democrats, especially civil rights icon John Lewis.

The Trumpeting Tower-bound Tweeter jump-started his political career by orchestrating a long campaign to delegitimatize Barrack Obama’s presidency by claiming for years, without proof, that the President wasn’t born in the U.S. Trump doggedly held onto this absurdity until he begrudgingly admitted Obama’s right to the Oval Office late in the election campaign.

This is a man who, when behind in the polls, personified a sore loser by questioning the legitimacy of the voting procedures and then told tens of millions of Americans during a televised debate that he didn’t know if he would accept the election results. He later told a campaign rally that he would accept the voters’ verdict, but only if he won.

Do you believe in karma?

America, you’ve got yourself into a real pickle this time.

The bottom line is if it walks and talks like a pussy grabbing, Russian collaborating, mentally ill, morally bankrupt, double-dealing, financial huckster and conspiracy theorist, well… enough said.

On the bright side, Reality TV fans are in store for great television when their favorite bad actor stars in his impeachment hearing. Bookmakers are putting the odds at 4-1 that Trump will hear the words ‘You’re fired.’ within six months.




We needed a hero in a white hat

Shortview Lincoln memorial

Remember when the Republicans had leaders like this…


The 2016 U.S. presidential election, more than any other event in recent history, has left the world feeling disillusioned. People of all stripes and political persuasions, in far off lands and countries bordering the U.S., went to bed early Tuesday night and stared at the ceiling or pulled the covers over their heads not knowing quite why they felt so bad.

Maybe it’s because things aren’t turning out the way our parents said they would. Hard work pays off, always do the right thing, treat people with respect, decency wins in the end, things work out for the better, good triumphs over evil. All the do-gooder clichés parents worldwide have been imparting to their children since the beginning of time were thrown into question on election night.

The country founded in 1776 as a nation refuge for the world’s oppressed, a place where no person was better than another because of birthright, colour of skin or religious beliefs, has been for centuries a shining beacon of hope in a sometimes dark world. A country founded on the best of human intentions. A place to go to get away from evil.

Of course, we all knew it wasn’t really so. After travelling the U.S. for six months, I paraphrased Charles Dickens in a previous blog, calling it the ‘best of countries and the worst of countries.’ However well-intentioned, the founding fathers had no problem with slavery and ignoring the rights of America’s indigenous people, who suffered cultural genocide in the name of Manifest Destiny.

No nation made up of human beings could live up to the ideals laid out in the American Constitution. The world’s oppressed suffered from bigotry and intolerance after arriving on U.S. shores, but in a lesser non-institutionalized form. The immigrants knew in their hearts the impossibility of legislating the dark side of human nature and that prejudices were inevitable. But in America bad intent was not officially sanctioned by a governing force. They could see others of their kind working hard and succeeding and held out hope for their piece of the American dream.

And so it went over hundreds of years, with good eventually winning over evil, industry over sloth. Slavery was abolished after a bloody civil war and the horrible mistreatment of indigenous people was reduced to levels a country blessed by God could live with. It was an imperfect Union that fell short of the founding fathers’ lofty ideals but a country that championed individual liberty and freedom above all else.

In the 20th Century, the little democracy that could, emerged from its isolationist stance to become the star of the world stage when American military might brought the First World War to an end. The nation came into its own as the world’s champion of freedom when it reluctantly joined the fight against the forces of evil in World War Two, its soldiers pictured in newsreels liberating European cities along streets crowded with adoring grateful crowds.

It was the dawning of the movie age and one-dimensional Hollywood heroes like John Wayne and Gary Cooper ingrained the image of the American good guy in the world consciousness. For children growing up around the globe, the United States stood for what their parents always told them. The cowboy in the white hat always draws faster and shoots straighter than the guy in black. Good wins over evil, every time.

For a brief while in the war’s aftermath, people felt safe in a world where the guys in white hats had nuclear weapons. Tensions ratcheted up when the Russians went over to the dark side and caught up, especially when Soviet ships laden with nuclear missile parts cruised towards Cuba and an American naval blockade. The world held its collective breath until the guys in black hats backed down. President John Kennedy came away as the free world’s greatest hero, the sheriff who stared down the gunslingers threatening the global community.

But with the sheriff dead by the country’s own hand, the world’s champion of freedom veered off course in the sixties, allowing paranoia about the spread of communism to overshadow the founding fathers’ original intent. Innocent people in a far-off land died by the tens of thousands, their blood on the hands of the guys in white hats.

With U.S. losses mounting and the nation being torn apart internally by opposition to what was clearly an unjust war, the nation’s leaders refrained from resorting to scorched earth annihilation of a far weaker foe and left the battlefield, if not defeated, then certainly chastised by world opinion with their white hats tattered and somewhat soiled. In the sense that the U.S. had shown military restraint and walked away without obliterating the enemy, it could be perceived that once gain good had triumphed over evil.

America began its next war of note on higher moral ground, ostensibly to liberate Kuwait, its weak but oil-rich Middle East ally. Most of the free world watched with pride as President George Bush Sr. told the murderous black-hatted Iraqi tyrant Saddam Hussein that his aggression in Kuwait ‘Would not stand.’

With overwhelming military superiority and complete control of the air, the U.S. made short work of the vaunted Iraqi army, leaving scores of enemy soldiers smouldering in charred heaps by the side of the highway as its army marched towards Baghdad. With Kuwait free and the tyrant sufficiently chastened, the guys in white hats pulled back on the military reins, keeping civilian casualties to a minimum, and brought the troops home. Good beat evil again.

Fears of a worldwide computer glitch aside, the 20th Century ended on a high note for the country that had emerged as the world’s only Super Power. Russia couldn’t keep up with its military spending and the Cold War was over, and with it the specter of nuclear annihilation. Its white hat image had mostly survived the fiasco in Vietnam and its various intrusions into the affairs of sovereign nations, including supporting despots and its hand in assassinating democratically elected leaders who weren’t deemed in keeping with U.S. interests.

Keeping the world free sometimes required putting your white hat aside and getting down and dirty with the bad guys. Reasonable people could see that.

The first unsettling rumbling that things might not go as smoothly for the world’s oldest democracy in the new Millennium came in the 2000 presidential election. Despite winning the popular vote, the Democratic candidate Al Gore lost to Republican George Bush Jr. in the closest presidential election in American history, with 537 votes separating the candidates in the decisive state of Florida, then coincidentally or not run by Bush’s brother Jeb. The result triggered an automatic recount which resulted in litigation that ultimately reached the Supreme Court, which gave the election to Bush in a 5-4 decision.

The Democrats reluctantly went along with the ruling and an orderly transition of power ensued but a shadow had been cast over the democratic process amid dark rumors that the election had been stolen.

The implications of that Supreme Court decision will be reverberating through the world for decades to come. While the dovish Gore went on to champion the environment, Bush surrounded himself in power with conservative hawks who saw foreign enemies everywhere, but especially in the Middle East where they viewed the job in Iraq had been left undone by Bush senior. When 9/11 shocked the world and shook the nation to its foundations, the hawks seized on the opportunity.

The good guys had a new villains to fight and the open-ended global War on Terrorism was officially launched with a strike against Afghanistan and the governing Taliban who harbored Osama Bin Laden. But the arch-villain of terrorism escaped and the hawks turned their attention to an old adversary, the  tyrant in a black bowler hat, Saddam Hussein.

In behind the scenes scheming to justify an attack on Iraq, the line between good and evil began to blur. Weapons of mass destruction were imagined and then used as a rationalization that would take the country to war on false pretenses. This time the army wouldn’t rein up short of Baghdad but would take the whole country regardless of the cost to innocent civilians.

Unlike Vietnam, an unjust war fought on the ill-conceived premise that creeping communism would threaten the world order, the second Iraq conflict was motivated by revenge and presented an opportunity for certain American companies, one of which had close connections to Bush’s powerful Vice President Dick Cheney, to reap huge profits. It destabilized the Middle East, resulted in the loss of hundreds of thousands of lives, displaced millions of people and virtually bankrupted the U.S. No one could seriously say the world was better off after this unprovoked invasion of a sovereign nation.

The U.S. wore the black hat in the Iraq war and the world began to view the country differently in the new century. The election of its first black president, with his campaign slogan “Yes We Can’, burnished the image somewhat but also brought out the country’s darkness as the far-right Tea Party emerged from under the rocks to hijack the Republican Party, bringing long suppressed bigotry back into the political mainstream. The far-right movement received financial backing from shadowy citizen groups with patriotic sounding names funded by top one per cent power brokers like the billionaire Koch brothers, whose father was a founding member of the John Birch Society.

With money flowing to the top one per cent and the middle class disappearing many people see their American Dream fading. Some believe the country is undergoing a slow-moving financial coup, in which corporations are the real power fronted by political puppets who do their bidding to keep their jobs.

Enter Donald Trump the improbable billionaire born with a silver spoon in his mouth who won by claiming to be the guy who’s going to make America Great Again for the working stiffs. The man who will drain the Washington swamp. Throughout the campaign he displayed an appalling ignorance about world affairs and a temperament unsuited to be Commander-In Chief of the world’s most powerful nation. By his own words he showed himself to be a braggart and a bully, a pathological liar, a misogynist, a sexual predator, a bigot.

He is so obviously not the person our parents told us should win. Not the good guy of few words whose actions do the talking. Not a person worthy of the revered Oval Office once occupied by Washington, Lincoln, Roosevelt, Kennedy and Obama. America you have let us all down. We’re pulling the blankets over our heads because the world has lost its hero nation. You gave us an evil orange clown when we needed a hero in a white Stetson hat.

A Woman’s guide to rating The Donald


Much like the Fonz, Trump jumped the shark a long time ago

Is there any doubt that the man who delights in rating women on their physical appearance sees a 10 in the bathroom mirror as he sprays the final strands of orange lacquer over his balding pate in the morning? In the Donald’s reality TV world he’s a chick magnet, a virtuoso of virility, irresistible to women.

So let’s take a top down look at the Mango Megalomaniac’s physical appearance, absent his wallet, through a female version of himself and rate him on a scale of 1 to 10.

  1. Hair. He can rightly boast that he has the most famous coif in America, but not for good reasons. He sports a thinning, greased-back-at-the-sides, too-long-in-back duck-tail augmented by a chemically cemented-into-place flat top comb over that has been likened to an aircraft carrier or a place to conceal small mammals. Running your fingers through it during a tryst is not optional without industrial strength rubber gloves. The indeterminate colour reminds one of an aging Miami matron whose dye-job at the discount salon went bad. Think Fonzie in a suit at 70, fighting  baldness and the greying strands of time. Let’s be kind and give him a -3.
  2. Face. Any rating of The Donald’s face has to start with the out-of-control eyebrows, so endearing on the aged late 60 Minutes curmudgeon Andy Rooney but not the love arches of feminine dreams. They flare in unkempt orange-ish glory over squinty blue eyes enfolded in fat, above a narrow nose and soft pink lips that disturbingly bring to mind the female body part he famously likes to grab. The facial failings are rounded out by neck wattles encroaching on a weak chin. In keeping with his signature garish taste, The Donald enhances the whole off-putting look by slathering it in fake tan goop. Factoring in age, he deserves a 2.
  3. Fashion sense. The Donald strides through the corporate/political world looking disheveled in two thousand dollar custom suits, the ill-fitting coats of which hang halfway to his knees. He accentuates with silk ties long enough to suffer splash-back stains when he pees. His belly bulges between perpetually unbuttoned suit jackets and he tops the look at political rallies with baseball caps. Enough said. As the song goes, he’s a three dressed up as… well… a three.
  4. Body. Not having been traumatized by seeing him step out of the shower with hair hanging to his shoulder on one side, judges are left to imagine what only Melania knows for sure. For rating purposes let’s picture him on stage at one of his beloved pageants wearing a speedo. Judges would undoubtedly see a pasty white body, looking ghostly in contrast with the mango mess topside, not with a six pack but instead something more closely resembling a two-four, his man boobs sagging, shriveled and petite in relation to the gut that is casting a shadow over his reputed shortcomings and hairless legs. If you aren’t eating, envision the Donald ‘moving like a bitch’ on  a female 10, his stubby fingers groping and flabby cottage cheese bum cheeks jiggling. (Sorry about that.) Let’s be charitable and give him a -2 and award Melania a 10-plus for suffering through her wifely duties.

If I’ve done the math correctly that rates the Donald a zero, bringing to mind the man who throws stones from his glass tower.

The Christian Wrong


A lot of people are saying that wasn’t a bible but his copy of “50 Shades of Grey”

Is there one person in all of Christendom who believes Donald Trump is a ‘man of faith’, other than Kayleigh McEnany, the psycho-eyed, crucifix-flaunting Trump sycophant, who without so much as a hint of a smile told an international television audience that the mango-flavored serial groper has turned his life over to Christ?

Oh yeah, I guess there’s also Liberty University President Jerry Falwell Junior, who lords over thousands of ‘students of faith’ at the school founded by his father, one-time televangelist Jerry Falwell. Jerry Senior also founded the Moral Majority way back when, molding the Christian Right into a political force before eventually handing the keys to his profitable earthly kingdom to his son Jes…. er… Jerry.

Jerry Junior told CNN anchor Erin Burnett Wednesday that he believes Ferret-top’s denial of the most recent groping allegations by two women who came forward in the New York Times after the second debate. As one ‘man of faith’ to another, Junior takes the world class dis-assembler at his word.

Ignoring all evidence to the contrary, including  Ferret-top’s own foul-mouthed taped admissions, Junior remained adamant that the Christian Right’s savior has mended his ways. But when pressed by Burnett, he allowed that even if the allegations were true he would still vote for the old orange groper because there are more important things at stake than electing a sexual predator as President.

Namely, filling the vacant Supreme Court seats with the sort of jurists who support the causes of an unctuously self-righteous group of right wing nut-balls who would rather see the country in flames than have godless moderates in power. In their world, it’s the Christian thing to do.

Junior, at least, comes by his distorted view of reality honestly. By divine osmosis. In the aftermath of 9/11 his Dad famously told The 700 Club: “I really believe that the pagans, and the abortionists, and the feminists, and the gays and lesbians who are actively trying to make that an alternative lifestyle, the ACLU, People for the American Way of Life, all of them who have tried to secularize America, I point the finger in their face and say ‘you helped make this happen.’”

Fact check for Jerry Senior and his church basket of demented doughnuts, may his crispy, hell-fired remains rest in peace: The United States was founded as a secular country so that persecuted people arriving from oppressed shores could practice the religion of their choice. Or not. As they saw fit. The prescient founding fathers made a point of separating Church and State.

But what chance does a kid have at a normal life view when Dad is spouting this kind of ignorance at the family dinner table. And that is what is truly scary about the rise of the  Trumpeting hate blaster. No amount of higher education or logic can turn the righteous from their path. As history has proven and their ‘barbaric brethren in faith’ in the Middle East continue to prove, no man is more dangerous than the one who is convinced God is on his side.

Still another ‘man of faith’, one-time Republican presidential hopeful Ben Carson, a brain surgeon no less, says he witnessed Ferret-top get down on his knees to pray for forgiveness after the sexist tape was released. Really Ben? You sure Vladimir Putin wasn’t nearby with his fly down when the Donald got on his knees, which seems more likely than him turning to the Lord, or anyone else, for guidance.

Carson makes three believers, and the facetious opening to this blog notwithstanding, there are tens of millions more believers roaming the streets of America armed to the teeth. During the primary campaign, Ferret-top boasted he could shoot a person on Main Street and not lose his political base. Frighteningly, this boast appears to be true. His sycophants would surely claim justifiable homicide, especially if the victim was Hispanic, Muslim, or even worse,  his arch enemy Bill Maher, an atheist.

And that augers badly for post-election America.

Hitler lost his democratic bid to be President of Germany in 1932 with 37 per cent of the vote, with his anti-democratic Nazi Party garnering 230 seats of 608 in the Reichstag. Amidst back door maneuvering, political machinations, hints of a godless communist takeover and rumors of an impending military coup, the elected President Paul von Hindenberg, then in his mid-80s, reluctantly appointed Hitler Chancellor in 1933. The thinking at the time was that he could be better controlled within the framework of the government. Hitler succeeded Hindenberg on the old man’s death in 1934, abolishing the presidency and creating the new position of Fuhrer.

It didn’t work out well for Germany.

With the party of Lincoln imploding while its orange glam queen candidate campaigns on a platform of woman-shaming, scapegoating and hatred, threatening to jail his opponent if he wins, all the while inciting supporters with talk of conspiracies and a rigged election if he doesn’t, Trump’s church basket of half-baked buns are calling for armed revolution.

The Christian Right would put questions about Bill Cosby’s birth certificate aside and support him over Hypocrite Hillary if he guaranteed them their Supreme Court seats. Clearly, it’s time for ‘people of real faith’ to put the country’s well-being ahead of the narrow viewpoint coming out of this vocal, unhinged fringe element.

The world hopes it works out better for America than it did in Germany and that the people who never tire of telling the rest of us that they live in the greatest country on the globe live up to their own exalted billing at the ballot box on November 8.

Edging Trump in a close race isn’t an option. His dirty laundry basket of racist, misogynist, hate mongering, un-Christian crazies has to be tipped over and scattered to the winds of political history in a landslide.