The clown uses dead of London town


It is impossible to overstate the ignorance of the Mango Megalomaniac Americans have selected as their leader out of a population in excess of 330 million.

The man you have unleashed on the world is a lout, a liar, a boor, an ignoramus, a conman, an idiot, a braggart, a bully and a world class narcissist. He is vulgar, shallow, self-centred, selfish, gauche, materialistic, an opportunist and a misogynist accused of multiple sexual predations.

Only collectively can words capture the breadth of Donald Trump’s shortcomings as a human being and, more importantly, as a leader. These are not aspersions cast willy nilly by ideological enemies but instead sound assessments drawn from the body of a life lived in the public spotlight–the lies, the cons, the bragging and bullying, vulgarity and ostentation, the philandering, taped sex talk and accusations of sexual assault are part of the public record.

Trump voter or not, as an American citizen you allowed him to become President on your watch and bear responsibility for the havoc he wreaks.

In the aftermath of the latest terror attack on his nation’s oldest ally the orange-gooped old groper saw an opportunity to further his political agenda by using the dead and injured to his advantage. He immediately tweeted that the attack confirmed the righteousness of his ill-advised travel ban, not knowing yet if the terrorists came from out of country, and notwithstanding recent attacks in Britain and Europe have been perpetrated by citizens and permanent residents who would not have been affected by a travel ban.

It’s not the first time he has misused innocents. Remember the Syrian epiphany. The one that came at a hot point in Trump’s seemingly endless domestic political turmoil. The world class narcissist who said nothing when his BFF Vlad was killing kids in Aleppo with flesh-ripping bombs was suddenly so moved by images of gassed children he fired off millions worth of missiles on an empty airfield after warning his BFF about the incoming fireworks.

Fifty million dollars and a few dead guys in Syria bought him a day or two of adulation from his warmongering base and praise from spineless politicians on both sides of the swamp. Mission accomplished. Attention momentarily deflected from the shit storm at home.

Trump couldn’t stop at using the victims of the latest London attack as political props. He followed up by tweeting a cheap shot at London’s Muslim mayor, distorting and misinterpreting comments the mayor made attempting to assure Londoners and visitors to stay calm despite the increased police presence on the streets. Within hours the Pulitzer Prize winning internet site Politifact deemed Trump’s tweet about the mayor to be false. The site speculated that he got his information from watching Fox coverage of the mayor’s comment.

Can there be any doubt in the minds of rational people that Trump is pacing the empty rooms of the White House at night in his gold-trimmed bathrobe hoping in his evil heart for a foreign terrorist attack on American soil so he can point his tiny finger accusingly at the judges who thwarted his unconstitutional executive order?

This is a man who embarrassed his country and put the future of the planet at risk to fulfill an ill-informed promise he made to the science-challenged mouth-breathers who put him in office. The same ones he bragged would stick by him if he shot someone on Fifth Ave.

Reasonable Americans, turn off the tube, get off your couches and take to the streets. Overwhelm the Washington swamp dogs with your numbers. You must take your country back from this madman who believes global warming is an evil plot cooked up by the rest of the world to take advantage of the United States.

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