Weird whistling sounds and a BIG egg

              Do I need a passport?

It now feels real. This traveling thing. So far we’ve been taking baby steps. A few days camping in Osoyoos, the idea of home so close. Then off to Edmonton – friends, family, home-cooked meals by Mom, a few golf games, hey we can do this.

As we cross the border into Saskatchewan, the whistling starts. This weird high-pitched sound that makes the dog cock his head in confusion. We continuously open and close the back truck window to confirm the sound is still there and secretly hope it will just go away. To calm our nerves and give the truck a chance to smarten up, we stop to eat and see The Egg. You know the egg or more correctly “Pysanka”, it’s what put Vegreville Alberta on the map (that and really great French toast at the Albert’s restaurant but that could just be me).

Stomach’s full, Egg viewed and photographed we stop at a mechanic’s shop in town. We need the mechanic, between the two of us we can barely fill the vehicle with gas and get the trailer hitched up. The mechanic advises something will indeed have to be done, something about pistons, air flow, yada, yada, yada, but the whistling does not pose imminent danger. Get it checked in Saskatoon, the city of bridges and apparently mechanical whistling guru’s.

Getting to the Gordon Howe RV park in the centre of Saskatoon in rush hour traffic. Now that poses imminent danger.

Carved Miranda enjoys the worlds largest Ukrainian Egg

Carved Miranda enjoys the world’s largest Pysanka

The Dog asks if the Egg is as big as his head

The Dog asks if the Egg is as big as his head

5 thoughts on “Weird whistling sounds and a BIG egg

  1. How’s the truck? Fixed yet? Love keeping up with your blog. Living vicariously. Miss you. We’re waiting deliver of our RV. Excited!


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