Every journey starts with a first step

Step 1 – decide you’re going to leave your perfectly wonderful life in the Okanagan behind for a year and set out in a 250 square foot house on wheels across Canada and the US.

Step 2 – rethink Step 1 and ask yourselves if you have completely lost your minds.

Step 3 – say what the hell and lease out your house, leave your job and friends behind, pack up all your belongings and head out on the road like a couple of gentrified Clampetts with your dog in tow.

Step 4 – set up your travel blog so all your friends and relatives can place bets on which of you will be the first to have an epic travel meltdown.

Place your bets, let the games begin!!!


2 thoughts on “Every journey starts with a first step

  1. Hey Clampetts (aka: D, D & D)!

    Have a great trip!! We really wish we were joining you guys.Thanks for setting up this fun blog. We are just back from seeing Bob & Bev Smith in Mazatlan, and did a side trip to Mexico City. Fabulous!! Lee taught Bob your black out Crib game Mick, and Bob ruined Lee repeatedly – lol.

    Lots of love,

    Valarie & Lee


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