Confessions of a Canadian Serial Killer

Thanks for visiting our site, below you’ll find all chapters that have been released to date in chronological order. For those just starting or return visitors please feel free to start at the beginning of this serial novel or jump in to wherever you left off. A new chapter will be released every 3 or 4 days. Constructive feedback is appreciated and welcome.

Chapter 1. A pimp gets some

faceless man pic 001 (2)

Chapter 2: Canadian Justice is Harsh

chapter 2 pic #2 001

Chapter 3: Killer Memories, A Letter, Getting Smart


Chapter 4: Turbulence


Chapter 5: End of the Line for a Bottom Liner


Chapter 8: Talking trash


Chapter 9: Evil Eye Goes Global


Chapter 10: For Sale Death House

Chapter 11: Last Howl on the Hill

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